Chickity Doo Doo™  is a high quality OMRI listed organic fertilizer.  It is derived from 100% chicken manure from layer hens.  It has no additives or special fillers.  Chickity Doo Doo has the highest Nitrogen (5%) and Calcium (9%) of any available product in its class.  

Chickity Doo Doo provides all the desirable nutrients that have made chicken manure extremely beneficial to vegetable farmers and organic gardeners for decades.   As individuals become more conscious of traditional synthetic chemical fertilizers and the long term damage they cause to the environment, the demand for family friendly and environmentally safe products continues to grow.

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Look for the OMRI™ Listed Seal. This seal appears on products that have been through OMRI's independent third party review against USDA standards and are allowed (or allowed with restrictions) for use in organic production and processing.